Pre-Primary Term Info

LETTER TO PARENTS: Welcome to new parents 2019

Pre-Primary – TERM 4 PLANNER

Friday 19 October

Pre-primary Cake Sale

Friday 26 October

Water Party (learners to bring costume and towel)

Friday 02 November

Poster / dress up day ( ocean theme)

Tuesday 06 November

Puppet Show

Friday 23 November

Visit school library

Thursday 06 December

Gr R Graduation in the morning

Wednesday 12 December

Christmas Party -School closes @ 10:15


9-19 October


22-26 October

Water  (ponds, water cycle, frogs)

29 Oct – 9 November

Ocean (Sea and beach life)

12-16 November

Preparation and orientation for next year

19-23 November

Books and Fairy tales

26-30 November


3-12 December



  • School opens at 7:20
  • Gr R’s start at 7:30 and Gr 0 at 7:45
  • Always pack a change of clothes for your child
  • Please pack a fresh fruit snack to munch.

(Absolutely no sugar added!)

Pre-Primary Athletics : 8 May 2017

Dear Parents                                                                       4 May 2017


Child's Name:  ______________________

House Colour:_______________________

Please note that next Monday, 8 May will be the Pre-Primary Athletics day.  We plan to start at approximately 08:00 and end at 09:00.  Please come and support and get involved.  It's a fun morning for all.  Dress your child in their house colours.

See you there!


Clarissa Fisher

Pre-Primary Co-ordinator

Pre-Primary Outing: Farm 5 May 2017

Dear Parents                                                                       24 APRIL 2017


The Pre Primary would like to visit Teaching Safaris on Friday, 5 May.   We will leave school at 7h45 and return by approximately 12h00.

Please send only packed lunches as we will be having our snack on the farm.

I,  __________________________, give permission for my child, _____________________________, to visit________________________ Signature:________________________.  All parents are welcome to join us for the morning.

Please note that if your child comes to the venue on the bus he/she must return to school on the bus.  No children may be collected from the venue unless prior arrangement has been made with your child's teacher


The signing of this consent form is also an acknowledgement that you as parent/guardian have signed and understood the Lilyfontein Indemnity Document which is held on your child's file at school.


Clarissa Fisher

Pre-Primary Co-ordinator