Lilyfontein Newsletter 1.05 8 February 2019

08 February 2019

Dear Parents
We are very proud and pleased with the great Tomato Trot & Cycle turnout from last week end.  A special thank you to all staff, educators, parents, learners and friends of Lilfyontein for contributing to this amazing success.  Please take note of the following.

OPEN DAY: Please inform your friends and family.  RSVP to reception

Safety & Security 2019
Please read through the letter to familiarise yourself with our Safety & Security policy.
Safety and Security 

 Available at Reception
Please note that if you do not have a security disc on your vehicle the security guard will stop your vehicle and ask you for a temp disc, which must be collected at reception and handed to the security guard on your exit of the school.  Please ensure that should someone else be collecting your child on your behalf they have to report to reception to get a temp disc to hand in at security.  

You can still purchase a security disc from reception, should you require one.  Please note that you can buy as many as you need to ensure easy access in and out of the school. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wrap Up 2019

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all the fantastic Lilyfontein parents who volunteered on Friday and Saturday for the TROT at the following locations:

- Registration Friday at the School
- Registration Friday at Oxford Striders
- Registration Saturday at the School
- Data Capturing
- Sweepers and Rabbits
- PTA Food Tent
- PTA Beer Tent
- Marshals
- Water Tables
- Parking

The TROT was a resounding success and it is all thanks to the awesome teams that assisted in the build up to the event and on the day! Together we are stronger, we are very proud of what we achieved. Thank you for your contribution! Please click on link to read full event wrap up!

Thank you to all the parents and guardians that have assisted the PTA committee in the organisation of the #BUCO #TOMATO #TROT & #CYCLE we truly value and appreciate your help.  Together we are stronger.

LETTER TO PARENTS: Explanation of Boys Hair Policy 
Please read the Hair Policy Letter

TUCK SHOP: Lilybites menu 2019

Tuck-shop accounts are available on request. Contact Amelia Steyn for more information. Menu

Mondays to Thursdays 7.30 – 8.00am

PRINCIPALS Improvement Awards 2018 
Congratulations to the following High School learners for showing significant improvement in their results at the end of 2018.

PRINCIPALS Achievement Awards 2018
Well done to the following High School learners who achieved an average of 70% or more at the end of 2018.

SPORT RESULTS: Tomato Trot & Cycle
BUCO Tomato Trot & Cycle: 8km CYCLE Results
BUCO Tomato Trot & Cycle: 15km RUN Results
BUCO Tomato Trot & Cycle: 55km CYCLE Results
BUCO Tomato Trot & Cycle: 35km CYCLE Results
BUCO Tomato Trot & Cycle: 15km CYCLE Results

Congratulations to the following Lilyfontein learners that received podium finish at the Tomato Trot & Cycle.
15km Male Cycle
1. Jack Hayman
2. Luke Swinney
3. Hein Weyer
15km Run Male Junior
1. Aiden Young
15km Run Female Junior
2. Kirsten Nash
8km Cycle Male
1. Baelien Hubert
3. Reece Connellan
8km Cycle Female
1. Ilke King
2. Crystal Kruger
3. Chareese Harnden


U15 Cricket vs Merrifield.
Merrifield 119/8 in 20 overs.
Lilyfontein 111 all out.
Connor Timmins 28, Tiaan Potgieter 24 and Jahdiel Chitondwe 28. Lilyfontein lost by 8 runs.

U13 girls vs Mdantsane.
Lilyfontein 46/6 in 15 overs.
Mdantsane 42/2 in 15 overs. 
Lilyfontein won my 4 runs.

BCA Border Long Course Champs Swimming
Jordyn Marr
- Silver Boys U12 200m Breaststroke
- Bronze Boys U12 50m Breaststroke

Keegan Marr
- Silver Boys U11 200m Freestyle

Congratulations to the following children who competed in the Hudson Park Primary B-League gala 21 January: Daniel Naude, Michael Naude, Julie Saayman, Jamie Bauer, Emily Reed, Lea Pederson Horn, Yemaya, Melissa Lindstrom, Jessica Lindstrom, Mila Pascoe, Sadie Steyn, Keiryn Fourie, Sierra Mattheys.

SPORT: Entry Form Merrifield Mile 17 February 2019
Calling all swimmers to enter the Merrifield Mile there is an event for all ages and swimming levels: Splash, 250 meters, 500 meters, Mile! Click on the link for the entry form.

CRICKET FUNDRAISER: Get our boys to England
Please support our cricket boys and let's get them to England.  Find your date, pack your picnic basket and romance by the lake for only R100 pp.  


Yours faithfully

ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES: Get your brand or business seen!
Click on the links below to see what is on offer at Lilyfontein.  
Sponsored Advertising Boards at Lilyfontein School
Lilyfontein School Newsletter and Website Advertising Opportunities

To advertise here please contact the school: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Some great pics taken at the TROT last week end.  Thanks Mrs Matthewson and Mrs Allan and Ms Van Wyk
click here

Thank you Matthew De Bruin AKA #Mattattack for this footage from the TROT! We love it. 

  • Primary Boys Tennis C & D-League vs Queens in Stutt (A)
  • U/15 Tennis Boys vs Hudson Park(A)
  • U/9A Cricket vs Gonubie Primary(A)
  • Senior Leader Social
  • PP Cake Sale
  • U/15 Boys Tennis League vs Hudson Park(A)
  • 1st & U/15 Cricket vs W. Region(TBC)
  • 1st Team Cricket vs Stirling(A)
  • U/13 Girls Cricket vs Stirling(A)
  • B-League Swimming Gala at Clarendon/Selborne
  • Cricket vs De Vos Malan(H)
  • Grade 5 Camp-Cefani Mouth
  • U/13A Cricket vs Stirling(H)
  • U/10A Cricket vs Hudson Park(A)
  • U/11A Cricket vs Selborne(A)
  • Junior & Senior Leaders (Supper Guidos)
  • HS Girls Tennis vs Stirling 2
  • Senior Girls Tennis League vs Stirling2 (A)
  • U/13B-Boys Cricket vs Selborne D(A)
  • Valentine's Day
  • 1st XV Rugby Camp Python Park
  • Primary Boys Tennis C-League vs George Randall (H)
  • Primary Boys Tennis D-League vs Grens(A)
  • U/15 Tennis Boys Tennis vs Grens(A)
  • U/9A Cricket vs Grens(H)
  • Grade 11 Cake Sale
  • U/15 Boys Tennis League vs Grens(A)
  • U/10A Cricket Festival @ Crewe Primary
  • 1st & U/15 Cricket (BYE)
FP = Foundation Phase
IP = Intermediate Phase
HS = High School

Sport Results

  • SPORT RESULTS: 10 May 2019
  • SPORT RESULTS: 03 May 2019
  • SPORT RESULTS: 18 April 2019
  • SPORT RESULTS: 05 April 2019

Sport: Fixtures Merrifield vs Lilyfontein AWAY - 11 May 
Sport: Fixtures Kingswood - 11 May AWAY 
Sport: Fixtures SPAR Challenge Hockey - 12 May at Clarendon HS 
Sport: Fixtures Berlin - 15-16 May HOME

SPORT NEWS: Border Rugby Teams 
Congratulations to the following boys for making the Border Rugby Teams
- Luke Randall U13
- Jose Lottering U12

HOCKEY vs Stirling 
U13A vs U13A lost 00 - 02
U16A lost 00 - 02
2nd drew 01 - 01
1st won 05 - 00
1st vs 3rd lost 00 - 04

RUGBY vs Stirling 
U15A lost 00 - 41
1st won 46 - 14

NETBALL vs Stirling
U15A lost 11 - 18
1st won 14 - 12 U9

NETBALL vs Centre of Excellence 
U9 won 08 - 00
U10 lost 02 - 07

NETBALL vs Gonubie
U11 lost 02 - 06

Congratulations to Aiden Young Gr 11V who competed in the Mazars Diesel Depot 15km challenge on Saturday 4th May 2019 and was placed 3rd Junior in a time of 01h04m23s.

Nahoon Primary 

U10 Girls 1st Crystal Kruger

NETBALL vs Komga
U11 vs Komga lost 4 – 5
U10 vs Komga lost 1 – 2

NETBALL Derby vs Port Alfred
U9B lost 02 – 04
U9A lost 01 – 10
U10 lost 02 – 10
U11 lost 03 – 07
U12 lost 02 – 15
U13 won 11 – 08
U15 lost 05 – 25
2nd lost 09 – 16
1st won 28 – 27

RUGBY Derby vs Port Alfred 
U9 won 12 – 00
U11 won 46 – 00
U13B won 24 – 00
U13A won 36 – 14
U15 lost 00 – 35
1st won 27 – 26

HOCKEY Derby vs Port Alfred 
U9A won 06 – 03
U9B lost 01 – 03
U10 lost 02 – 04
U11 lost 01 – 02
U13B lost 00 – 02
U13A won 06 – 00
U16 won 06 – 01
2nd drew 00 – 00
1st won 04 – 00
U9 drew 03 – 03
U11 lost 04 – 06
U11 drew 04 – 04
U13 lost 00 – 02
1st drew 01 – 01

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SPORT FIXTURES: Port Alfred vs Lilyfontein 
Please take note of time and field changes for the Derby against Port Alfred tomorrow - HOME. 

SPORT NEWS: Hockey Border Teams 
Congratulations to Thabalani Metu for making the Border U13A team.

U13 CRICKET TOUR: Final Fundraiser
Please support our U13 Cricket team as they do one last push to get some cash for their big adventure coming up in the June/July holidays.

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U13A vs George Randell U13A won 06 – 02
U13A Boys vs Kidd’s Beach won 05 – 02 

U13B vs Gonubie B drew 00 – 00

HOCKEY -  U10 Girls Festival hosted by Clarendon Primary
vs Clarendon B Won 06 - 00
vs Crewe B Won 07 - 01
vs AW Barnes B Won 08 - 00

HOCKEY -  Vs Cambridge High School
1st vs 3rd Lost 00 - 06
1st vs 1st Lost 00 - 02
2nd vs 3rd Lost 01 - 02

U16A vs U16B Won 02 - 00

RUGBY - Vs Cambridge Primary School
U13 drew 07 – 07 
U11 lost 21 – 26

RUGBY - Vs Cambridge High School
1st vs 2nd won 48 – 21 
U15 vs U14A lost 05 – 35

NETBALL - Vs Cambridge High
1st vs 2nd lost 16 - 25
2nd vs 3rd lost 03 - 10 
U15A vs U15A won 14 - 07 
U14A vs U14A lost 00 - 23

Aiden Young, Grade 11V, took part in the Pacers 10km Road Race, on Saturday, 13th April, and came in placed 2nd Junior in a time of 40min 35sec.

Buffalo City Table Tennis Trials The following learners have been selected to represent the Buffalo City Squad:
- Ella Burger U13
- Janica Labuschagne U15
- Caitlyn Krull U15
- Marius Potgieter U13
- Tiaan Potgieter U15

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SPORT ALERT: Gum Guards Rugby/Hockey 
Please note that the wearing of gumguards is compulsory for all rugby and hockey players. Players without a gumguard will not be allowed onto the field of play.

SPORT APPRECIATION:  Southern Cape Tour - George 
A massive thank you to all the Lilyfontein coaches, parents and sponsors that contributed to the success of the recent Southern Cape Sports Tournament from 17-22 March in George. We as the Sports Department, acknowledge the commitment from coaches and parents and are truly grateful. We also are very appreciative of the generous sponsorship from local businesses and parents. Your continued support is appreciated.


Missing from photograph Johanna Lloyd

Lilyfontein vs Driehoek 0 - 0 (drew)
Lilyfontein vs Die Anker 0 - 0 (drew)
Lilyfontein vs Bothaville 1 - 0 (won)
Lilyfontein vs Pioneer 0 - 1 (lost)
Lilyfontein vs Camps Bay 2 - 0 (won)
Lilyfontein vs Parklands 6 - 0 (won)
Top goal scorer Melissa Hayward with a total of 8 goals. Congratulations to our girls hockey on these excellent results, they played like
The girls played 8 games against some very tough opposition. They won 1 out of the 8 games.
Valuable lessons and fitness was gained.
Lilyfontein vs Brandwag (Benoni) 10 - 31 (lost)
Lilyfontein vs Bothaville (North West) 19 - 32 (lost)
Lilyfontein vs Stella (Stellenbosch) 29 - 14 (won)

SPORT: Letter to Parents PS Rugby Derby Fixtures 2019

SPORT: Letter to Parents HS Rugby Derby Fixtures 2019

SPORTFixtures Vodacom Clarendon park U11 Rugby Festival 4-6 April

SPORT: Fixtures Port Rex T.H.S vs Lilyfontein & Beaconhurst 6 April

SPORT: Fixtures for Andre Vos Festival U13 Rugby 6 April

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