Lilyfontein BUCO Tomato Trot & Cycle: 2 February 2019

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2019 BUCO Tomato Trot & Cycle Event Wrap Up.

The 24th Lilyfontein BUCO Tomato Trot & Cycle was an overall phenomenal success.  The event took place on 2nd February at Lilyfontein School.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the contribution your business made to ensure the success of this event.  What a tremendous accomplishment.

The event attracted 2237 entries across #6 races with at least 5000 people attending on the day. This massive undertaking required a team of 70 staff, 17 grounds staff/cleaners and 60 parent/learner volunteers.  Together we are great, has been the phrase that we have used to manage and organise the 24th Tomato Trot and Cycle.  


BUCO Tomato Trot & Cycle: 8km CYCLE Results 
BUCO Tomato Trot & Cycle: 15km RUN Results 
BUCO Tomato Trot & Cycle: 55km CYCLE Results 
BUCO Tomato Trot & Cycle: 35km CYCLE Results 
BUCO Tomato Trot & Cycle: 15km CYCLE Results 




5km Fun Adventure Run/Walk
8km Fun Cycle
15km Run
15km Cycle
35km Cycle
55km Cycle


This was the third year running that the Tomato Trot is #RUNCLEAN event, which means that no plastic sachets are used at the 9 watering stations.  Instead Lilyfontein has opted to use red VIP Products cups that are washable and re-useable each year.  Bins were donated by Corromaster and Garbie to ensure a clean event. We are an ECO School and recycling is part of our ethos.