Governance and Management


Lilyfontein School is governed by a body known as a School Governing Body (SGB) which will consist of 12 elected members: the principal, 9 parents, 3 educators, 1 non–educator, principal staff member and 3 High School learners. Each representative holds a portfolio that will serve the needs of the school.

Examples include: Finance, Fundraising, Transport, Facilities, HR, Sport, Adventrure, Communications and Marketing, Cultural Develeopment and PTA Liaison

SGB Executive Committee: 

This committee meets once a week and consists of the

  • Principal - Mr Nic Els
  • Chairperson - Mrs Anne-Lise Bollaert-Davies
  • Deputy Chairperson - Mr Angus Jackson
  • Treasurer -  Mr Sean Price
  • Secretary - Mrs Sharon Allan

Current SGB Portfolio Holders are:

  • Transport : Gareth Stanton
  • Fundraising : Sean Price
  • Facilities : Angus Jackson
  • HR : Yvette Harmse
  • Sport : Jason Bowen
  • Adventure : Jenny Nash
  • Communictions/Marketing & Culture : Sean van den Berg
  • PTA Liaison and Cultural Development : Siviwe Magwaca


The school is managed by the School Management Team (SMT) together with the Primary and High Leadership Teams (LT). The SMT is responsible for the daily running of the school within the organisational domains of academic, pastoral, cultural, sport, adventure and administration. Each of these domains has a staff member co-ordinating a specific committee that ensures correct procedure in each domain.

School Management Team:

  • Principal - Mr Nic Els
  • Deputy Principal - Mr Nigel Adams
  • Head of Academics - Mr Donald Matthewson
  • Head of High School - Mrs Anita Middleton
  • Head of Intermediate Phase - Mrs Julia Nass
  • Head of Foundation Phase - Mrs Alison Fouché
  • Head of Pre-Primary - Mrs Johanna Beukman
  • Head of Sport - Mr Luke Sofute
  • Head of Adventure - Mrs Margaret Mitchell
  • Head of Media - Mrs Christina Matthewson

Middlecourt Trust:

Middlecourt Trust owns all the land and facilities on the 35ha section of the school. Middlecourt’s object, as stated in the Trust Deed, is to provide the infrastructure for a high standard of education to Lilyfontein School. Middlecourt Trust is managed by a Board of Trustees.

Current trustees are:

  • Colin Davies
  • André Roets       
  • Andrew Emslie
  • Brian Harmse
  • Hennie Jordaan
  • Stephen Nash
  • Kim van Kets
  • Angus Warren 

Parent Teachers Association (PTA):

The Governing Body established the PTA with the following objectives:

  • to promote and facilitate the exchange of views and the maintenance of relationships and harmony between parents of learners attending the school and educators at the school.
  • to assist the Governing Body as may be required by it in all matters which may be of benefit to the school and the learners and their education generally.
  • generally to promote the interests of the parents and educators in the involvement in the general life and interests of the school and the learners.

Current Committee members are:

  • Chairperson  - Calista Stanton
  • Secretary - Carmen Lötter
  • Class Rep Co-ordinator - Lisa Squire
  • Cake Sale Co-ordinator - Priscilla Dengler

The PTA is responsible for:

  • The raising of funds for the benefit of the school subject to consultation with the Governing Body fund-raiser. Such funds to be subject to the administration and control of the treasurer of the Governing Body.
  • Arranging and holding functions for members to promote and facilitate a creative relationship and harmony between parents of learners attending the school and educators at the school.
  • Fulfilling a support function with regard to the educators of the school.


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Phase Info.

  • Academic Results
  • Foundation Phase (Gr 1-3)
  • Intermediate Phase (Gr 4-6)
  • Senior Phase (GET: Gr 7-9)
  • FET Phase (Gr 10-12)

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