Debating was reintroduced as part of Culture in 2016. We have a very enthusiastic senior team who started as juniors and who have acquitted themselves really well. We also have a junior team. Both teams take part in the Border League (part of World School’s Debating) which takes place every Wednesday at participating schools. Each school has an opportunity to host 4 debates during the course of the League.

This discipline is extremely rewarding, but it entails much research, discussion, working on speeches and delivering the speeches with confidence. Debating is a disciplined form of argument where the three speakers have to convince the Adjudicators and the opposing team, even if you do not believe the topic, that your argument is correct. In each debate speakers have the opportunity to be made Best Speaker.

Learners also have the opportunity to become Adjudicators (judges) after attending a workshop after which they adjudicate a debate. They are awarded certificates if they pass and have much practise each week as they adjudicate other school debates.