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Music is an integral part of Lilyfontein life and involves learners from Grade R right through to Grade 12 in a variety of forms.


From Grade R-3 class music lessons take place and learners sing, play marimbas and other percussion instruments appropriate to their age group.


In Grade R-3 a Kindermusik programme is run at school, introducing the younger learners to the basics of music. Grade 3 learners thinking of individual music can join a recorder group to learn basic notation and fingering. From Grade 4 upwards individual tuition is offered in piano and recorder by the staff and an outside teacher gives guitar lessons. This programme is much in demand! Individual vocal tuition is given to selected learners from Gr6 upwards.


There is a Foundation Phase Marimba Band, and a number of steel drum and marimba ensembles in the Intermediate Phase. These are very popular and only limited by the number of instruments available! Band Days give the learners a chance to further develop their skills while having a fun day -- almost a mini camp. The High School has a Marimba Band and a Steel Drum Band that include learners in all the GET and FET classes.


There are both Foundation Phase and Intermediate Choirs which are growing in size and experience. There is a High School Singing Group, that meets weekly.


This has been introduced recently and has a growing following in the Intermediate Phase and High School.


Lilyfontein also takes an active part in the musical life of East London schools, participating in the Port Rex Lions' Eisteddfod and in the annual ELSMA Festival. We provide performance opportunities for all the various groups at school functions and at a selection of special events culminating in the annual Music Evening.