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Red Baron Tomato Trot & Cycle 2016:Results

21st Lilyfontein Red Baron Tomato Trot : 6 February 2016. FULL RESULTS WIL...

Lilyfontein Newsletter: 1.5 12 February 2016

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12 February 2016

High School Assessment Dates
The timetable for High School assessment tests can be found at the link below
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Bus Runs Thursday, 18 February 2016
There will be no bus runs for Grade 4-12 pupils on this day. Buses will run for Pre-Primary/Foundation Phase pupils as usual on this day. The buses will leave school on Thursday, 18 February 2016 at 14:15 for Pre-Primary and Foundation Phase pupils.
Interhouse Athletics Day Grade 4 - 12
Interhouse Athletics for Grade 4-12 will be held on Thursday, 18 February 2016 at the Jan Smuts Stadium. This is a compulsory event and register will be taken at the beginning and the end of the day. There will be no bus runs for Grade 4 – 12 and parents are requested to drop their children off at Jan Smuts Stadium by 7.30 am. Tuckshop will be available and food will be on sale. All pupils will be participating and they are all to ensure that they have their own strapping for their feet, sunblock, hats, water and money for tuck. They will need to wear their navy school shorts and compulsory athletics vests. These vests can be bought from the school shop. Please ensure that you collect your child from Jan Smuts Stadium by 14.30 pm.
Junior Head Leaders
Congratulations to all our Junior Leaders who were inducted today and to Kirsten Nash and Cherise Dicke who were elected Head and Deputy Leaders respectively at the Junior Leader Induction Assembly.
Foundation Phase Athletics Day
Parents are most welcome to attend our Athletics Day on Thursday, 25 Feb.
Times : 8:30 – ±12:00. Learners leaving after athletics must be signed out by the parent.
School day will end as usual at 13:10 (Gr 1)/13:20 (Gr 2, 3).
Dress : Learners are to wear athletics vest or khaki PT shirt, school shorts, socks and takkies to school
Please apply sunscreen at home. We encourage the use of school caps.
To indicate which house they represent, learners may wear the appropriate colour hairband/wristband.
Athletics Day is compulsory for all learners. Please send a letter if your child is unable to participate in the races.
Tuckshop will be open.
No Foundation Phase sport that afternoon.
Parents who are able to assist on the morning are please to inform the class teacher via the homework diary.
Red Baron Tomato Trot & Cycle- Report Back
If you weren't involved somehow in the Red Baron Tomato Trot, you really missed seeing what this amazing Lilyfontein Family can achieve when it pulls together. A huge thank you to all the sponsors and to EVERYBODY that had a part to play in making the event such a success. We had over 2100 athletes take part, 400 of whom were cyclists. It took a huge effort to design and mark the 6 alternative routes, start and finish; to register each athlete and keep them safe and hydrated on their routes; to measure their times; to give each one a bag of Red Baron Tomatoes, a Twizza and a celebratory T-shirt as they finished, and to keep them and their supporters entertained, fed and watered for the afternoon. Thank you to you all.

Red Baron Tomato Trot & Cycle : A few pictures
A few of the pictures taken at the Red Baron Tomato Trot can be viewed in the D6 gallery. Also check out the facebook page (see link below)
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Check Your D6 Groups
If you have not downloaded D6 onto your phone and computer PLEASE DO IT NOW. We want to move to this method of communication with all our parents.
If you have, please update your personal preferences so that you are a member of the correct groups - remember your child/ren changed classes in January and are probably doing different extra murals.
Lice Letter
Please see Lice Letter per information at the link below.
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Updated Term Planner
Please view Updated Term Planner at the link below.
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Cricket Results

Well done to the following teams:
U14A vs Grens U14A

  • Lilyfontein 129/6. Aaron Strauss 45*, Eden Morgan 35.
  • Grens 79/9. Lilitha Reed 3/6 in 4 overs, Basje Whitward 2/9 in 4 overs.
  • Lilyfontein won by 50 runs

U14A vs Port Rex U14A

  • Lilyfontein 113/4. Cooper van Heerden 40, Lilitha Reed 31.
  • Port Rex 115/8. Liltha Reed 4/20 in 3.4 overs.
  • Lilyfontein lost by 2 wickets.

1st vs Port Rex 1st

  • Lilyfontein 214/7. Josh Swinney 60. Port Rex 45 all out.
  • Lilyfontein won by 169 runs
  • Primary Cricket Results
  • 11 February 2016

Mini Cricket vs Gonubie Christian School

  • Lilyfontein 60 runs. Gonubie Christian School 63.
  • Lilyfontein lost by 3 runs

U10A vs Stirling U10A

  • Lilyfontein 25 all out. Stirling 26/00
  • Lilyfontein lost by 10 wickets

U11A vs Cambridge U11A

  • Lilyfontein 83/4 in 20 overs. Chad Henderson 33 not out, Christopher Ham 21.
  • Cambridge 25/8 after 14 overs. Seth Wiggill 5/7.
  • Match drawn due to rain.

U11B vs Kings College

  • Lilyfontein 67/8. Kings College 69/8.
  • Lilyfontein lost by 2 wickets

Congratulations to the following learners who participated in the Summer Show at the BEC 6-7 FEB

  • Anya Nash: 1st dressage junior training test, 1st junior working riding, 2nd jumping accumulator 80cm, 2nd jumping 80cm.
  • Kirsten Nash: 1st open show hunter pony, 1st open equitation 90cm, 1st accumulator 90cm jumping, 1st jumping 1m, 2nd open working hunter pony 90cm, 2nd open working riding pony, 2nd jumping 1m
Yours faithfully

Denzel Boya and Kaitlin Kemp help their Interact team mates deliver valentine's cup cakes as part of their fundraising effort

Fri 12 Feb 2016
  • CHOC Civvies Day - Early Act
  • 8am Junior Leaders Induction
  • Valentines Day Cupcakes - Interact Cake Sale
  • Cricket U9 vs Hudson Park (H)
  • Tennis Primary Boys vs Stutterheim (H)
  • Snr Leaders Social
Sat 13 Feb 2016
  • Primary Cricket vs Hangklip (TBC)
  • 1st & U15 Cricket vs Northern Region (Venue TBC) CANCELLED
Mon 15 Feb 2016
  • Cricket U11B vs Selborne C (H)
Tue 16 Feb 2016
  • Cricket: U13B vs Hudson C (A); U14A vs Stirling B (H); U15A vs Selborne
  • (H); Mini Cricket Bye
Wed 17 Feb 2016
  • Cricket U10A vs Selborne A (H); U11A vs Stirling (A);U15A vs Selborne
  • B(H); 1st vs EL Science College (H); 2nd vs Cambridge (A)
Thu 18 Feb 2016
  • PP Parents Social
Fri 19 Feb 2016
  • Cricket Cake Sale
  • Cricket U9 vs Kings College (H)
  • Staff Development
  • Tennis Primary Boys vs Gonubie (H)
Sat 20 Feb 2016
  • 1st & U15 Cricket vs King (Venue TBC)
  • Primary Cricket vs Cambridge (TBC)
Mon 22 Feb 2016
  • PP Assessment Week (22-26)
  • Cricket U11B vs Stirling C (A)
Tue 23 Feb 2016
  • PP Assessment Week (22-26)
  • SACEE GR 4-7 Spelling Bee
  • Mini Cricket vs Kings College (H)
Wed 24 Feb 2016
  • PP Assessment Week (22-26)
  • SACEE Gr 11-12 Forum Discussion
  • Cricket u10A vs Dale (H); U11A vs Sakhile (A); U13A vs Stirling (H);
  • U15A vs Dale A (A)
Thu 25 Feb 2016
  • PP Assessment Week (22-26)
Fri 26 Feb 2016
  • PP Assessment Week (22-26)
  • Grade 1 Adventure Day
  • Blood Drive
  • Gr 12 Cake Sale
  • Tennis Primary Boys vs Nahoon (A)
Sat 27 Feb 2016
  • Interact Father & Son Day
  • Primary Cricket vs George Randall (TBC)
PP = Pre-Primary
FP = Foundation Phase
IP = Intermediate Phase
HS = High School
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